Follow up Letter - EDTA Zoom Call - July 19, 2022

Thank you for watching our ZOOM conference on EDTA and detoxification Tuesday evening.
As mentioned, the entire protocol can be found at
​In order to help as many as we possibly can we need your help. We are in the process of collecting very important COVID and post vaccine/transmission symptom data over a three month period. If you choose to participate, ask one of our distributors about the 25% discount for participating.

If you order through use the discount code: drmike when ordering 3 of the pumps or jars.

Remember, if only one item on the protocol is done for detox, it should be: Calcium Disodium EDTA Transdermal Cream: 1 tsp. 1x/day 6 days/week until maintenance reached; approximately after 3-6 months. EDTA is a safe and effective binding and chelating agent for heavy metals and can be useful for degrading or eliminating graphene oxide which has been found in the COVID injection formulations. It is currently under the label: SomaHealth EDTA Detox Cream with a new name pending: EZDtox, (both formulated by Dr. Michael Roth). Also available on Amazon in both JAR, and PUMP.

​Thank you and God’s blessings on you!

Dr. Michael Roth, DC
Writer, Lecturer, Nutrition, Supplement & Detox Professional

​Where can you purchase EZDetox?
​All wholesale accounts must be set up by Dr. Roth: only. Wholesale pricing available upon completion of an reseller agreement. 

Individual products can be obtained through our authorized distributors:

Anita Setran:
Dr. Cindy Tuten:
Bryan Adkison: , (primary online distributor - can also be found on Amazon)

Medical Forms - Zoom Call PDFs - June 21, 2022 

Medical Power of Attorney Form.pdfMD Directive Form.pdf

Dr. Mike Presentation from Zoom Call - April 19, 2022 

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