Anita, Dr. Cindy, Solina and I would like to thank you so much to all of you that joined in the FLCCN Summit 2024. So much good information and connection... what a great time together!

We had people from all over come and join us as we discussed how we can support each other and our communities through FLCCN, and discuss our vision & plan for 2024.

We heard from our very own, Dr. Cindy, Solina and other medical professionals for education on SO MANY modalities, including:
Dolphin microcurrent point stimulation
Near infrared/red light panels
Pulsed electromagnetic frequency mats
Hyperbaric oxygen therapy chambers
Essential Oils
A sundry of medicinal/nutraceutical/herbal remedies
We also had the privilege of hearing from Dr. Mike and Dr. Jen from Spine Design Chiropractic as well as Rebecca Burd, who is a certified family health coach.

Please check out the pictures of the event below as well as the PDFs and videos from Solina's presentation.

We will be sending an email out soon with details of our next zoom call. 

Stay well!
Comusav has created a visual anti-inoculation protocol with easy information on tools you can use in your health journey. Please click the following button to download the PDF.
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Here are the PDF presentations that Solina will be presenting at the 2024 Frontline Community Care Network Summit.
Learn more about Solina Brainin:
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