FLCCN Zoom Meeting - Sept 20, 2022

Posted by Anita S

We are excited to see you all again at our next Zoom call tomorrow night!  You have all been missed!

Many changes are happening daily in our individual states, our country and our world. It's never been more important than it is now to stay informed and be prepared for our families and our communities. 

Please join us for our next Zoom meeting - Tuesday, September 20th at 8pm EST! 

Tuesday's call will be another great one!  We are honored to welcome Mathew Scott to speak to us on "COVID 19 and 5G - The Deadly Duo?".  Additionally, Janet Berrong will be sharing about Lifewave - a technology that stimulates the regeneration of our own stem cells. 

As always there will be time at the end for a Q&A  with us - Dr. Cindy Tuten,  Anita Setran and other professionals on the call. 

PLEASE NOTE:  For the sake of patient privacy, we are unable to record any of our calls - so plan to be there if you can!!


NEXT ZOOM MEETING:  Tuesday, October 11th at 8pm EST

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Meeting ID: 834 8716 0037 Passcode: FLCCN

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Let's get well and stay well together!!

Love and prayers,
Anita & Doctor Cindy

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